Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Let them reap what they have sown

I haven't yet consolidated my thoughts on the election but here is an article that summarizes the downside.  I am still looking for the upside.  It may be that conservative response to this election result should be to gorge the beast on its own success.  Let him have it all.  Pass all his bills.  Increase the debt.  Once the consequences of his policies are experienced by all citizens, some of them may see the error of their ways.

If Obama continues on his present course the economy will collapse and dependent America will be directly affected.  Monetization of the debt will devalue US currency, inflation will set in and the ignorant masses that elected BO will suffer the fruits of their greed.

An alternative result of these conditions may be that the Obama administration creates government projects with government jobs in the tradition of FDR and hires his supporters while leaving the other 50% to fend for themselves.  He might move through executive fiat to favor one half the population (reward his friends) and expel the other half (punish his enemies).  This is the more likely scenario and could lead to serious  confrontations between states trying to protect their citizens and the federal government trying to redistribute their wealth to support the favored classes.  From observation this is well within the bounds of reality from this president.

There will likely be wars in the Middle East including the "Big One" between Iran and Israel with the US on the sidelines while Israel fights alone and the power vacuum created by Obama's feckless policies is filled with violence and chaos.  It is further likely that emboldened by the O administration's weakness, entrenched middle eastern terrorists who are already in the US and along our borders will bring the jihad to our shores as they have done elsewhere in the certainty that Obama will make their excuses for them.  By this time the O administration should be able simply take a government produced anti mohammed video off the shelf and use it to excuse whatever atrocity is committed, execute the producer (not the real one) and ignore the "bump in the road".

I am not optimistic.  I almost believe we should give it all to him and say "go get 'em big boy" knowing full well the depths of failure and blood that await.  Like new employees at the chocolate factory we say "eat all you want" and in a short time they are ill at the sight of chocolate and the theft and snacking is no longer a problem.  Perhaps we should accelerate the process, see if we can help it commit suicide from its own success.

Just saying.

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