About: Transflyover

The Great Transflyover is that land contained by and generally ignored by the coastal elites of the United States. Bordered on the north by Canada and on the south by Mexico the Great Trans-Flyover includes those lands of the continental interior most recently tamed and made states.

The Transflyover includes the Old South (now renewed), the Louisiana Purchase, the Republic of Texas, the Comancheria, the Llano Estacado, the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, the Black Hills and the desert lands of the Gadsden Purchase and the mountain states.

The great river valleys of the Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, Platte and Missippi, Arkansas, White, Red and Colorado rivers provide habitat to the farmlands, wetlands, agriculture and husbandry of the Great Transflyover that is the richest such resource on the planet. Include the ranch lands of the arid west, intimidating in their vastness, and the oil and coal fields exploited by the practical technological pioneers of Transflyover and together these lands continue to provide the resources to feed, fuel, clothe and defend all Americans and many others throughout the world.

What the people of these lands share in the present day, other than the intellectual disdain of the denizens of the two coasts, whose few elite were made rich plundering the interior in years past, is the fresh memory of their pioneer history. The trials and bloodshed; the thirst and starvation, the wars and battles that mark the history of the continental interior, the Great Transflyover.

Coastal elites have no memory of these things. They do not know that Mexicans and Texans lived and fought together to defend themselves against the Comanches and later against Santa Ana the would be dictator of Texas. They do not know that the Comanches ruled Transflyover for three hundred years with fearlessness and savagery and single-handed kept the Spanish from consolidating the territory they claimed in North America's western lands.

It is these shared roots, these cultural memories that define the distinction between the present day Left with its denigration of America and its poorly hidden desire to be European, and those of us who have or work in large and small businesses, farms, homes and families, in the Great Transflyover and are forever grateful to be American.

In the Great Transflyover we wake each morning to thank God that we are here in the United States of America where we have freedom. Freedom to succeed, freedom to fail and most of all, freedom without fetters.  This is not freedom without hardship but it truly is freedom as no man (or woman) has known in any country in the world at any time in the history of man.